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Protection against dengue fever: Recommended vaccination for travelers to Bali

Dengue vaccination

The regional government of Bali announces that travelers are strongly advised to get vaccinated against dengue fever. Although vaccination is not compulsory, Balinese health authorities stress the importance of this preventive measure. Dengue fever, a viral disease transmitted by mosquitoes, can be serious and therefore poses a potential danger.

Gusti Ayu Raka Susanti, deputy director of the Balinese Health Authority's Disease Prevention and Control Department, stressed on April 20 that both locals and travelers are urged to get vaccinated against dengue fever. She stressed that there will be no mandatory vaccination, but vaccination is highly recommended.

What is dengue fever?

Dengue fever is a viral disease that is mainly transmitted by mosquitoes of the species Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus. These mosquitoes prefer tropical or subtropical climates. Around 400 million people are affected by dengue fever every year. While the disease is mild in most cases, in some cases it can be life-threatening.

Prevent infections in general

The Robert Koch Institute (RKI) emphasizes the importance of preventing mosquito bites as a primary protective measure. To this end, the RKI recommends treating uncovered areas of skin with mosquito repellent and wearing long-sleeved clothing. The risk of mosquito bites is also reduced in air-conditioned rooms. Particular caution is required during the day, as dengue mosquitoes are particularly active at this time.


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