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Dubai Mangroves: 72km coastal regeneration project unveiled

Dubai Mangroves Project unveiled

The Dubai Mangroves initiative was recently launched and sets new standards for the restoration of coastal ecosystems.

Led by URB, which already oversees projects such as the Dubai Reefs Project and The Loop in Dubai, this initiative plans to combine urban development with ecological conservation. The goal is to plant more than 100 million mangrove trees along 72 kilometers of coastline. This effort is a central part of the Dubai 2040 Masterplan, which promotes urban resilience, biodiversity and sustainable development.

This initiative focuses on planting mangroves, which are known for their remarkable capacity to store carbon, protect coasts from erosion, and promote marine habitats and food security. A single mangrove tree can sequester about 12.3 kg of CO2 per year. In total, the project could absorb up to 1.23 million tons of CO2 annually. This is equivalent to the annual CO2 emissions of over 260,000 gasoline-powered cars on the roads.

Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB, underlines the importance of the project as follows: "Dubai's mangroves serve as a model of how urban development and ecological protection can go hand in hand. They offer a pioneering model for global cities and demonstrate the powerful impact of merging ecological protection with urban progress. But the project aims far beyond coastal regeneration and urban resilience; it aspires to set a global standard for how cities can reconcile the needs of the planet with those of their residents."

The project also includes a variety of educational and entertainment activities, including the Mangrove Visitors Center, which aims to educate local people and tourists about the importance of mangroves and global environmental challenges. Together with the Botanical Museum and the Conservation Center, the center serves as a hub for research, education and advocacy, raising environmental awareness among both locals and visitors.

The project is currently in the research phase, where six pilot design studies have been proposed for selected areas. Each of these zones will serve as a showcase to demonstrate how different infrastructure elements can be effectively integrated into mangrove restoration. The aim is to create multi-use coastal landscapes that combine ecological, recreational and aesthetic benefits.

About URB

URB, a renowned urban planning and development company based in Dubai, is distinguished by its innovative approach to the realization of sustainable and integrated urban projects. The company has an impressive portfolio that includes such outstanding projects as the Dubai Reefs Project and The Loop in Dubai. URB continuously sets new standards in urban development by combining modern design with environmental protection.



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