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Before Pentecost: New regulations in Lignano

Lignano Sabbiadoro from above

Against overly permissive tourists and wild campers: The Adriatic seaside resort popular with Austrians has decided to officially regulate an area that was previously left to common sense and decency.

Pentecost is approaching and, like every year, thousands of partygoers will probably head to Lignano to celebrate. The popular Adriatic seaside resort already introduced tougher measures against excessive drinking last year by restricting access to the beaches during the night and banning overnight stays outdoors.

New rules, which will apply beyond the Pentecost weekend, are now being introduced. These aim to restrict the public wearing of bikinis and swimming trunks, as well as the illegal parking of camper vans and caravans on the streets of the Friulian coastal town. According to the Italian news agency Ansa, it is now forbidden to "wear swimwear or be bare-chested in public places or places open to the public, except for children under 12 years of age and with the exception of the seafront, the lagoon and the port and dock areas."

Even more measures

The new regulation also prohibits undressing in public places, including private places that are open to the public. In addition, it is now forbidden to be completely naked even on the beach. Penalties will be imposed for violations of these rules. The Lignano Municipality, like many other seaside resorts in the country, has decided to regulate an area that until now has been left to common sense and decency.

To combat the uncontrolled parking of motorhomes and caravans, a new police ordinance has been introduced, which the city council is due to vote on April 29. According to Liliana Portello, councilor for local police, this ordinance includes several provisions designed to prevent the abusive parking of campers. This comes against the backdrop of years of complaints from residents about illegally parked motorhomes and campers, who often spread out their equipment in front of these vehicles.


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