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This is how much your money is worth abroad

This is how much your money is worth abroad

This year, the Holiday Euro was also calculated by UniCredit Bank Austria. On average, you get 20% more for your money abroad for 100 euros in Austria. While you get the most for your money in Bulgaria, you get the least in Switzerland.

What is interesting here is that due to the high inflation, the euro already represents added value in our direct neighbouring countries. Even in Germany you get 8% more for your money than in Austria. In Hungary it is a whopping 41% and in Slovenia 24%.

The cheapest travel countries

"In 2024, the holiday euro will be worth around 30 percent more in the popular holiday destinations of Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Spain and Portugal than in Austria. However, European destinations have tended to be somewhat more expensive in 2024 compared to 2023 compared to Austria, despite the high domestic inflation," says Stefan Bruckbauer, chief economist at UniCredit Bank Austria, analyzing the current calculation of the holiday euro and adding: "In Turkey and Hungary, where the holiday euro was worth the most in the past, you will get significantly less this year than last year due to the high inflation, but Hungary remains the country where the holiday euro is worth the most among the most popular holiday destinations."


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