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Hand luggage is now subject to stricter controls at AUA

Austrian Airlines OE-LZP Kalkalpen
© Austrian Airlines

Summertime is peak season for travel: To avoid delays or delays, AUA carries out stricter checks on hand luggage.

55 x 40 x 23 centimeters and eight kilograms: These are the maximum permitted dimensions and weight for hand luggage on Austrian Airlines to be taken on board.

However, not all passengers follow these guidelines and try to force bags and suitcases that are too large or too heavy into the overhead bins above their seats. This often leads to annoyance from other passengers, especially when squeezing and pushing the bags in takes additional time, which can ultimately lead to flight delays.

In addition, oversized and overly heavy hand luggage can pose a security risk.

Recently, the regulations for hand luggage on Austrian Airlines flights have often not been complied with, which has led to delays. Therefore, AUA is now increasing the checks on hand luggage before the start of the summer travel season, explained AUA spokeswoman Anita Kiefer in an interview with Radio Wien. The aim is to ensure that all aircraft take off smoothly.

At Vienna Airport, checks are carried out before the security checks. On very busy flights, passengers receive messages in advance reminding them of the applicable hand luggage rules.

Here you can find AUA’s baggage regulations.



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