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The sunny island in the Mediterranean: Experience perfect days on Crete with the Baedeker SMART travel guide

On the beautiful Greek island of Crete, idyllic bays, fantastic beaches and wild mountains are waiting to be discovered by you.become. In our Crete travel guide we will show you the places that you should not miss. We will take you to picturesque cities such as Chaniá, Georgioúpoli or Réthymno and to Crete's capital, Iráklion, also known as Heraklion, accompany you through the Samariá Gorge and visit the ancient palace of Knossos on Crete with you. Our travel tips reveal where you can discover something special, find traditional taverns and how you can perfectly combine sightseeing with a Crete beach holiday.

In a handy pocket format and exclusive spiral binding, the Baedeker SMART presents all the important sights on Crete in 4 chapters including:

  • Structure of the sights into the three categories »TOP 10«, »Don't miss it!« and »As you wish!«
  • Inspiring walks and tours through the most beautiful areas of Crete and attractive destinations
  • Tips for enjoyable »little breaks« in cafés, restaurants or bars and »magical moments« on Gran Canaria
  • Exciting background information on the history of Crete and the sights, on the landscape and climate, economy and culture as well as the people and their everyday life
  • Service chapter with »practical information« on everyday life and for holiday planning
  • Fast orientation with atlas in the book and removable folding map

Discover the largest island in Greece with a guide like a best friend

As if he knew exactly what you like - plan the day quickly and easily in the morning with the Baedeker SMART Crete travel guide. Why not start early in the morning with a coffee in the small harbor town of Agios Nikólaos and enjoy the long waterfront. Continue to the wonderfully preserved city ruins of Gourniá, from where you also have an impressive view of the sea. Finally, you can stop in the calm little town of Sitía and just let your soul dangle. But maybe you are in the mood for a day packed with culture? Then you should not miss the Minoan palace of Phaistós with its enchanting scenic backdrop. In addition to all the classic sights, we have tips for a very special Greek island vacation ready for you. How about a visit to the cinema under the starry sky, for example? One of the most impressive places for old and young cinema fans is the huge Cine Creta Maris in the center of Liménas Hersonísou, where the summer cinema resembles an ancient theater. With our inspiring ideas, we ensure relaxed holiday planning and make your Crete holiday a unique experience.

This guide is perfect for you if you...

... want to get to know special places and are looking for extraordinary moments
… love modern layout and stylish design
… want to discover Crete with the tips of our experts
... want a handy travel book for on the go and at home
... would like a well thought-out travel guide with a high degree of holiday inspiration

Baedeker SMART Travel Guide Crete

    • Binding: spiral binding
    • Release date: 08/03/2021
    • Publisher: Mairdumont
    • Number of pages: 220
    • Dimensions (L/W/H): 18.3/13.7/2.2 cm
    • Weight: 351g
    • Edition: 4th edition
    • Language: German
    • ISBN: 978-3-8297-3437-0
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