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Visiting the national parks in the USA is sometimes only possible with a reservation

Yellowstone National Park in the USA

Travelers wanting to explore the outdoors of the United States in 2024 should be aware that many national parks require advance reservations. Especially on busy days such as public holidays, vacations and weekends, it is often necessary to make a reservation in addition to regular admission. For example, Yosemite National Park requires reservations for three specific time periods this year.

In order to regulate the influx of visitors, many national parks in the USA require travelers to have a reservation. Occasionally, only certain areas of a national park require reservations, such as the Going-to-the-Sun Road in Glacier National Park. Generally, reservation windows are released three months in advance in most cases. It is recommended to book early to ensure visitors can arrive at their desired time.

Yosemite National Park in summer

In summer, Yosemite National Park in California is a particularly popular destination for nature lovers. From April 13th to June 30th, reservations must be made for Saturdays, Sundays and the holidays of May 27th and June 19th between 5 a.m. and 4 p.m. Reservations are required for each day during high season from July 1st to August 16th. From August 17th to October 27th, a reservation is only necessary for the weekend.

Through the reservation system

Since 2020, reservation systems in major US national parks have been helping to direct the flow of visitors. This leads to shorter waiting times for travelers and at the same time offers increased protection for nature. Those interested can find out more about the reservation system for all national parks in the United States on the National Park Service's official website .


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