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Vacation in the Stratosphere: Project Zephalto

Updated: Mar 19

© Zephalto

At a time when the boundaries of what is possible are constantly being redefined, the French space tourism company Zephalto, led by Farret d'Astiès, is setting new standards for extraordinary experiences. With the ambitious "Celeste" project, Zephalto invites adventure seekers to an incomparable experience: a meal at star level, literally on the edge of space.

The journey into the stratosphere

The "Celeste" is a pressurized capsule attached to a powerful stratospheric balloon. Your goal? To rise to a height of 25 kilometers, giving passengers a breathtaking view of the curvature of the Earth. However, this unique experience goes far beyond a simple sightseeing tour. Zephalto promises its guests stylish hospitality that is second to none, while they almost float towards the stars.

The meal in the stars – what awaits the guests?

The price for pre-booking a seat on the "Celeste" is 10,000 euros, with the total cost for this incomparable journey being 120,000 euros. The first flights are already fully booked and advance reservations are now being accepted for the period from mid-2025. What awaits travelers is a six-hour adventure that includes an ascent in just 90 minutes, three hours soaring above the earth and an hour and a half descent. During this time, passengers are treated to a multi-course meal and several glasses of exquisite French wine.

Elegant design for an unforgettable experience

The atmosphere inside the "Celeste" is intended to evoke the ambience of a luxurious aircraft, with the interior designed by renowned French designer Joseph Dirand. Dirand, known for his work on Balmain and Givenchy stores as well as restaurants such as Loulou and Monsieur Bleu, aims to create an experience that shapes people's lives. “I hope our guests will return with a new perspective on our precious planet,” said Dirand.

A look into the future

With Zephalto, the dream of space tourism becomes a reality for an exclusive group of adventurers. It is an invitation to view Earth from a perspective previously reserved for only a few astronauts, in an environment that offers the luxury and exclusivity of a Michelin-starred restaurant. This experience promises to not only pamper the senses with culinary delights, but also the soul, offering a completely new view of our planet.

Zephalto is thus at the forefront of a new era of tourism that allows people to push the ultimate limit without neglecting comfort and luxury. An adventure that truly reaches for the stars while presenting the Earth in a completely new light.


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