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Underwater park opens off St. Maarten

Updated: Mar 19

Underwaterpark at St. Maarten
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On St. Martin, more precisely in the Dutch part of Sint Maarten, a fascinating underwater park called “Under SXM” has opened its doors. This unique diving destination presents visitors with more than 300 sculptures positioned along a specially designed course. This course is themed and takes snorkeling and diving enthusiasts on a journey of discovery through the rich history of the Caribbean island.

In the underwater park “Under SXM” on Sint Maarten, visitors immerse themselves in a world that connects the island’s past, present and future. The journey begins with a depiction of the Taíno, the island's first inhabitants, including their culture and artwork. The course then leads through the eras of modern history to the lively carnival with its bright colors and dynamic parades. The sculptures, made from materials that do not pollute the environment, aim to provide a new habitat for underwater creatures such as fish.

Access to the underwater park

Visitors have the opportunity to explore the underwater park through snorkeling trips available at various locations such as Bobby's Marina, Little Bay and Simpson Bay. The prices for these tours range from 60 to 80 euros for adults and 30 to 40 euros for children. Depending on the starting point of the tour, the experience can last either 90 minutes or up to three hours. All of the snorkeling equipment you need is included in the tour price.

Caribbean island of St. Martin

The volcanic island of St. Martin, a jewel of the Caribbean east of Puerto Rico, is divided into the French part of Saint-Martin in the north and the Dutch part of Sint Maarten in the south. The island is known to many for its airport, which also served as the inspiration for the name of the underwater park with the IATA code SXM. The airport's unique location next to a beach allows aircraft to take off and land only a small height above beachgoers at Maho Beach, resulting in stunning photo ops.


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