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Travelcoup: The new semi-private jet experience

Updated: Mar 19

Travelcoup Jet in the air
© Travelcoup

In an era where travel is often stressful, Travelcoup stands out with an exceptional flight experience that redefines luxury and comfort. Overcrowded airport terminals, long queues and crowds during boarding are a thing of the past with Travelcoup. The company is revolutionizing the idea of premium flights in Europe and setting new standards for traveling in style.

A seamless travel experience from start to finish

Travelcoup offers a personalized check-in experience at the private jet terminal, eliminating the usual hassle of departure. With a check-in time of just 45 minutes before the flight and personal security checks and baggage handover, Travelcoup ensures a smooth start to the trip. Guests enjoy relaxing moments in the lounge before the crew personally guides them aboard the modernized Embraer 145 jet.

© Travelcoup

Luxurious comfort in the air

The onboard flight experience is characterized by 22 luxurious leather seats in a 1-1 configuration, ensuring maximum privacy and comfort. Without the usual overhead bins, the cabin offers a bright, open and spacious feel. High-speed WiFi, gourmet snacks and drinks complete the experience while the crew takes care of every detail.

© Travelcoup

Efficiency and excellent service

Travelcoup not only shortens check-in time, but also ensures quick baggage collection upon arrival. The concierge service supports booking hotels, villas or yachts and makes organizing your vacation easier. With direct flights between exclusive destinations such as Munich, Hamburg, Mallorca, Ibiza and Zurich-Munich, Travelcoup offers an efficient and luxurious travel option.

Travelcoup stands for a flight experience that redefines the standard for premium travel in Europe. The combination of direct flights, first-class service and exclusive comfort makes Travelcoup the first choice for travelers who value quality and efficiency. The jet's specifications, including a range of 1,550 nm and a cruise speed of M 0.78, underline the performance and reliability of the offering.


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