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This is where tourists most often get sick

Falling ill during a long-awaited vacation is particularly frustrating. Studies have shown that the risk of becoming infected is unusually high in certain popular vacation regions.

Often, you look forward to a break for months, only to end up sick in your hotel bed before you've even had a chance to explore the first tourist highlights. Unfortunately, this is not uncommon. Symptoms such as sore throats, gastrointestinal complaints and fever occur. Although it is impossible to completely rule out illness during vacation, there are certain travel destinations where the risk of falling ill is above average.

To prepare travelers for potential health risks, Forbes has published the Holiday Sickness Index. It was compiled by analyzing approximately 2.4 million forum posts in popular travel communities that included keywords such as salmonella, gastroenteritis, E-coli and food poisoning. These places were rated based on the frequency of mentions, with factors such as recommended vaccinations, risk of malaria and advice against drinking tap water also being included in the rating.

The top 15 countries worldwide where travelers most often got sick:

  1. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

  2. Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt

  3. Sal, Cape Verde

  4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

  5. Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

  6. Bali, Indonesia

  7. Hurghada, Egypt

  8. Tulum, Mexico

  9. Boa Vista, Cape Verde

  10. Cancun, Mexico

  11. Cairo, Egypt

  12. Marrakech, Morocco

  13. Vietnam

  14. Orlando, USA

  15. Havana, Cuba


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