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Strike shuts down Faroe Islands almost completely

Faroe Islands on strike

The Faroe Islands are currently almost at a standstill due to strike activity by a total of 4 (!) unions. The strike has been going on for almost 2 weeks now and the effects are clearly noticeable and visible.

As local media reports, the effects are now very noticeable. Garbage collectors, cleaners, port staff, construction workers and retailers are all on strike. As a result, childcare facilities and schools are also on the verge of closing because the amount of garbage and hygiene conditions are no longer acceptable.

Bus traffic has come to a complete standstill. Ferries between the islands are still running. The fuel and food shortages are already leading to severe restrictions in the lives of the population. However, basic supplies for rescue and fire services are being guaranteed by the union. The owner of the Paname Cafe in the capital Tórshavn, Niels á Rógvu, said in an interview with , "We’ll be able to remain open although later there’ll be some limitations on what items we’ll be able to offer but again, at least we’ll be open."

Currently, tourism is not yet noticeably declining, but hotels and hostels are already reporting cancellations.

It is not known how long the strike will last. However, since there are currently no negotiations taking place due to the major differences between the union and the employer, it is expected to last several more weeks.


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