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Mega project planned in northern Egypt

Red Sea in Egypt

There are plans to build a new city called Ras Al Hekma on Egypt's Mediterranean coast, which will also include the construction of a new international airport.

Egypt remains a popular tourist destination, attracting around 15 million tourists in 2023. Its extensive Red Sea coastline is particularly well-known, with resorts such as El Gouna. Most of the country's airports are located along this coast, including Sharm el-Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam International Airport.

However, there is also a growing interest in the north coast, with cities such as Alexandria, from both tourists and investors. This region is currently experiencing high demand from investors. Plans for the development of the Mediterranean coast, particularly in the Ras Al-Hikma region, are therefore progressing rapidly, which is expected to bring improved air traffic connections.

New tourist centre to be built

Ras El Hekma stretches along the coast about 350 kilometers northwest of Cairo and covers an area of an impressive 170 million square kilometers. The investment holding company ADQ from the Emirate of Abu Dhabi announced in February that it would invest 35 billion US dollars in this ambitious project.

Work on the new tourist center is expected to begin in 2025. The company intends to use this artificial city to turn the region into a leading tourist destination in the Mediterranean, according to a press release. Egypt's northern coast has attracted great interest from international investors and tourists. Ras El Hekma is set to become a premier Mediterranean destination with a variety of attractions, including hotels, marinas, entertainment venues and a new airport. In April, another significant step towards the realization of this mega project was taken.

Ras El Hekma International Airport planned

According to the Egypt Daily News report in early April, the Egyptian Cabinet approved the allocation of two plots of land to the Ministry of Civil Aviation, marking the official start of construction of Ras El Hekma International Airport. Construction is also scheduled to begin in 2025 and will take place on a site in the Matrouh Governorate on the country's northern coast. An exact opening date for the new airport has yet to be announced.

Egypt is banking on the Ras El Hekma project to spark a boost in the country's tourism sector, the newspaper reported, with the new city expected to be popular all year round.


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