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Extreme heat in Thailand

Thailand is currently experiencing a period of unusually high temperatures, which is stressful even for locals. Officials strongly advise against spending time outdoors.

Many areas of Thailand, including the north, central regions and Bangkok, are currently experiencing an intense heat wave with no end in sight, forecasters report. In recent days, temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius have been recorded in the shade, while nighttime temperatures rarely fall below 30 degrees. The public is urged in the media to go to air-conditioned rooms, especially between 11 a.m. and 3 p.m.

The "Pattaya Mail" quotes the Ministry of Health as making an urgent appeal to the population to prefer indoor spaces and avoid outdoor activities in order to prevent heat stroke. In popular tourist locations, such as temples, UV umbrellas are provided to visitors for additional protection. Experts warn that the heat index, which indicates the perceived temperature, could occasionally exceed the critical mark of 50 degrees.


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