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Escape the winter blues: 10 sunny places in Europe for the winter

Updated: Mar 19

Woman is happy to escape the winter

For all those for whom winter in this country is already too long: There is no need to plan a trip around the globe. Europe offers a number of destinations where temperatures exceed 15 degrees Celsius, even in February and March, and some even reach temperatures of around 20 degrees. From the sunny Canary Islands, to the Mediterranean ambience of Cyprus, to the blooming landscapes of Madeira in the Atlantic, these places offer mild climate conditions and a high chance of sunny weather. This was the result of an analysis by Travelcircus .

10. Malaga - Spain

Plaza De Toros De Ronda Bullring in Malaga

Málaga ranks tenth among Europe's warmest cities in February and March, just behind Seville. Although the Mediterranean city is not the front runner when it comes to heat, with an average of 17.5 degrees Celsius, six hours of sunshine a day already gives a foretaste of summer. The city, known as the capital of the Costa del Sol, has 16 different beaches and a rich cultural offering. Not to forget that Picasso spent his early years here.

9. Seville - Spain

Seville's Plaza de Espana

Sevilla, the Andalusian pearl, secures ninth place in the rankings. The city impresses with an average of 6.5 hours of sunshine per day. In the months of February and March, temperatures here reach an average of 18.5 degrees Celsius.

8. Funchal - Portugal

View over Funchal, Madeira

Funchal, located on Madeira, the Portuguese island of flowers, impresses with its black sand beaches, lush green vegetation, a variety of colorful flowers and mountains that rise almost 2,000 meters in height. In February and March the average temperature is a pleasant 19 degrees Celsius.

7. Larnaca - Cyprus

Fishing boats in Larnaca harbor

Larnaca in Cyprus takes seventh place in the rating. While the average temperature in the months of February and March is 19 degrees Celsius, it often rises to 20 degrees Celsius in March. The city is also characterized by its hours of sunshine; with 7.5 hours a day, it leads the ranking compared to other competing cities.

6. Alicante - Spain

Santa Barbara Castle, Alicante

Alicante is located at the foot of Santa Bárbara Castle and enchants its guests with around seven hours of sunshine every day. At a pleasant 18 degrees Celsius, the city invites you to take walks along the Mediterranean promenade as well as through the picturesque streets.

5. Murcia - Spain

View over the city of Murcia

In Murcia, which reached fifth place in the rating, travelers can expect extensive beaches, an average temperature of 18.5 degrees Celsius, 6.5 hours of sunshine every day and just 4.5 rainy days per month. Sun-drenched coastal destinations include the white sandy beach of San Pedro del Pinatar and the Bay of Cartagena.

4. Tenerife - Spain

Las Teresitas Beach in Tenerife

The Canary Islands reach fourth place in the overall ranking. They are a paradise for those who enjoy average temperatures of 21.5 degrees Celsius and those who seek a much-needed dose of vitamin D from the seven hours of sunshine per day.

3. La Gomera - Spain

Hermigua on La Gomera

La Gomera, a rather hidden gem among the Canary Islands, secures third place in the rating. With just an average of 4.5 days of rain in the months of February and March, seven hours of sunshine per day and temperatures that reach a pleasant 21 to 22 degrees Celsius, the island offers an ideal refuge from the winter weather of Central Europe.

2. Gran Canaria - Spain

The dunes of Maspalomas, Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria enchants with its turquoise sea, white sandy beaches and hiking trails around the Roque Nublo mountains. The island attracts with an average of seven hours of sunshine a day, a pleasant 22 degrees Celsius and only five days of rain in the months of February and March, which enables an early start to summer.

1. Lanzarote - Spain

Papagayo Turquoise Beach in Lanzarote

In the Travelcircus evaluation, Lanzarote secures the top spot with an impressive 7.5 hours of sunshine daily and an average temperature of 22.5 degrees Celsius, while there are only two rainy days in February and March.

So... what are you waiting for? Escape the gray winter and enjoy spring-like weather in these places!


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