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Denmark blocks air and sea traffic

An incident involving a warship has resulted in air and sea traffic being suspended at the primary maritime entrance to the Baltic Sea. Although the Great Belt Bridge, four kilometres away, remains open to traffic, airspace and shipping in the Great Belt area have been put on hold.

The cause is a faulty rocket launcher on board a Danish Navy ship. The relevant maritime authority has warned of risks from falling rocket fragments and called for people to avoid the affected area and anchor if necessary.

The malfunction in the rocket launcher occurred during a standard test in which the device could be triggered and then not turned off. The Danish military said that until the launcher was deactivated, there was a risk of uncontrolled rocket firing, with debris flying several kilometers.

This safety warning applies specifically to an area south of the Great Belt Bridge, one of the world's largest overpasses that crosses this strategically important strait. No all-clear was given until late in the evening. The Great Belt, located between the islands of Funen and Zealand, is a central maritime passage to the Baltic Sea and is one of the world's busiest shipping routes. The ferry connections between Kiel and the Scandinavian cities of Oslo and Gothenburg also run here, which underlines its importance as an important maritime traffic artery.


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