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China simplifies payments for tourists

China plans to take additional steps to increase its appeal to international visitors by facilitating and encouraging entry and transit for tourists.

Paying with mobile apps WeChat and Alipay is widespread in China, which has previously caused difficulties for travelers using credit cards from abroad. Although it is possible to link Visa and Mastercard credit cards to the app accounts, the problem remains that you cannot pay cashless everywhere.

Sun Yeli ( Minister of Culture and Tourism of China) stated that the Chinese government intends to make traveling in the country easier for foreign visitors.

A key objective is to simplify payment, as smartphone payment currently predominates and is often an obstacle for tourists. The government plans to address this problem by, for example, promoting the installation and updating of card readers in hotels, airports, shopping centers and at tourist attractions. This will allow tourists to also pay with their bank cards.

Yeli also announced that the tourist entry process, including visa applications, flight bookings and hotel check-ins, will be simplified.

For this purpose, visa-free entry options ( we reported ) have already been established for e.g. Austrian citizens created.


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