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Border controls in Germany

Germany introduces strict border controls for the 2024 European Football Championship

Thanks to the EU and the Schengen area, we are all used to freedom of travel, but that is now over; at least for a certain time. Germany is introducing strict border controls for the 2024 European Football Championship. Identification is required!

Checks are not only being carried out in the south on the border with Austria, but can also be carried out at all border posts. Checks are also being carried out at airports, sometimes on a random basis. This is primarily to identify terrorism, hooligans and other threats at an early stage. The nervousness of the security authorities after the attack in Mannheim is clearly evident. Europe is currently experiencing an increased threat of terrorist attacks due to the global conflicts.

Border controls are scheduled to remain in place throughout EURO 2024 and are expected to end on July 19, 2024. A passport or valid identification document is mandatory.


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