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Lush green, refreshing blue, a wide horizon and crystal clear air - a trip to Norway is a real feast for the senses and balm for the soul. Where Skagerrak and the North Sea, the North Sea and the Barents Sea with Tens of thousands of islands meet snow-capped peaks – that’s Norway. Here you will find the mightiest glaciers and widest plateaus in Europe as well as the highest waterfalls and deepest lakes. The capital Oslo, Europe's greenest metropolis, attracts with a mix of untouched nature and pulsating city life.
The Stefan Loose Travel Handbook Norway accompanies individual travelers across this fantastic country - packed with comprehensive travel tips including information on costs, assistance with route planning and interesting topic boxes. It does not follow well-trodden paths, but encourages you to discover the diversity of the country on your own. Anyone who likes to travel by bike, discover the North Cape on their own or paddle through the countless fjords, lakes and rivers in a canoe is well advised to take the Loose tours highlighted in colour. The book places a special focus on travelers on a small budget, loosely based on the motto "A lot of Norway for little money". The illustrated highlights pages at the beginning of the book set the mood for the country. The detailed researched travel information in the Travelinfos chapter from A to Z is indispensable.

Stefan Loose travel guide Norway

    • cover
    • Paperback
    • Release date: 03/01/2023
    • Publisher: DuMont Reiseverlag
    • Number of pages: 644
    • Dimensions (L/W/H): 18.5/12.9/2.7 cm
    • Weight: 547g
    • Edition.: 6th edition
    • Language: German
    • ISBN: 978-3-7701-6637-4
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