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From Hradschin to Charles Bridge: Discover Prague with the MARCO POLO travel guide Walk through the streets of Prague in the footsteps of the golem or explore the world's largest castle complex, tap Czech beer or far away from the tourist hype In the picturesque district of Nový Svet, immerse yourself in the past: in Prague, tradition meets modernity. Secret gardens and baroque corners, offices and business, start-ups and hectic activity await you here. Your MARCO POLO travel guide is the perfect companion for your Prague vacation!

  • The best first: sightseeing highlights and tips for city trips with children, for low budget or in bad weather
  • With the MARCO POLO insider tips, you will get to know the city the way the people of Prague love it!
  • Shopping and restaurant recommendations for every taste and budget
  • MARCO POLO adventure tours: Excursions and city tours for the curious, architecture fans and families
  • Travel smarter with the free MARCO POLO tours app (with online and offline maps)

Extremely easy: travel with the MARCO POLO adventure tours and the travel planner app

Even before your trip, you will find helpful information on arrival and accommodation in the MARCO POLO Prague travel guide. On site, you can put together your own personal tour of Prague with the district maps and the tours on map or app: Stroll in Kafka's footsteps through the golden alley, discover the influence of Cubism between venerable buildings from the Middle Ages and stroll in search of the perfect souvenir through the streets.

With MARCO POLO your trip to Prague will be an unforgettable experience!

MARCO POLO Guide Prague

    • Cover: Paperback
    • Release date: 06/23/2020
    • Publisher: Mairdumont
    • Number of pages: 152
    • Dimensions (L/W/H): 19/10.6/1.7 cm
    • Weight: 220g
    • Edition: 24th edition
    • Language: German
    • ISBN: 978-3-8297-5080-6
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